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Kylie Will Make Your Life Better!!!

We felt so lucky that we got to see Kylie Minogue's last (and her first) tour of America, which was like a greatest hits mashup of her best songs and best tour moments.
We didn't think we could possibly outdo herself.
We are soooo happy we flew to Boston for Kylie's first U.S. show of her new Aphrodite Live tour.
We were expecting a scaled-down version of her HUGE European show, but - shockingly - we were treated to an almost as equally huge American show. The trimming was so minimal!
Kylie's U.S. fans are so hardcore, and there was so much love in that room! We were lucky to be a part of a magical night!
The Aphrodite show is non-stop brilliance from beginning to end. The production value is through the roof! The pacing is on-point.
It is so joy-filled! It was JUST what we needed!
If you have a chance to check out this show, you MUST go! Twice!
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